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     I know you've all been waiting for this page to be posted. I've finally got a chance to do it, and here it is. Unfortunately, it's probably not as exciting as any many of you had expected.

     Well, for starters, we don't have much of a history. Back at the end of 2001, three members from the band "Maybe Next Time" (Josh, Ian, and Troy) got together with their friend, Tegan, and formed what is now known as "Sweatervest." Pretty cool story, hey?

     We quickly put together a few songs, as well as a few covers of songs that we all loved, and soon we had a fairly decent-sized lineup. Our first show was at "Battle of the Bands" at the CHHS cafeteria back in March of 2002. No exact word on how we placed, but the rumour is we were probably 3rd out of the 7 or 8 bands that played. Not too shabby for our first official show ever.

     As of today (March 16, 2003), we have two performances coming up:

     That's all for history, I hoped you enjoyed your time reading it